My Struggling PLN

I knew EARCOS would be my opportunity to better develop my professional learning network.  Not only is Kota Kinabalu swarming with great teachers, but the internet works!!!  I guess the quality of the internet is relative – I’ve heard many people complaining – but for ME it is way better than what I’m used to.

I’ve been dabbling with Google+ communities, Twitter, and Pinterest to build my PLN.  It takes so long to load in Yangon, that my dabbling hasn’t moved beyond that.  In the last few days I have been able to Tweet more than I have in the last year in Yangon.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.43.45 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.52.19 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.52.37 AM

I have been using Pinterest to keep track of ideas I come across as I search the internet for ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.55.02 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.54.47 AM

This morning, however, I noticed you can share boards and add “pinners”.  I created a new board for IT inspiration for my new position next year.  I added some other teachers whom I am already following and look forward to seeing what happens with this!

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 8.22.41 AM

I’ve also been trying to post to a new community for teachers in Yangon that Dan Hallwood creating on Google+

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 8.28.28 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 8.29.13 AM


A professional learning network may be difficult to develop in Yangon, but with time, patience, and the help of EARCOS – it is happening!


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